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From the Editor

Dear Reader,

You might be wondering why a pro-life journal would be called The Choice. Rest assured that it does not mean we hold any pro-choice views, or even that we are on the fence regarding life issues. Rather, this title refers to a choice that all of us have to make, the choice that underlies all our moral choices.

It is the choice of the ultimate goal of our actions, on which all our decisions are based. While it seems that the possible options for this goal are infinite, there are in fact only two. The first is our own comfort; with this as our goal, our actions are determined by what seems easiest and most attainable, not by what is truly best.

The only other goal we can have is the preservation and flourishing of human life. All other goods—power, money, pleasure, etc.—are only good insofar as they serve the primary good of the human person itself, who, like the king in chess, is the one thing that cannot be sacrificed.

There are many contemporary situations, however, in which this total commitment to the human person seems impossible to satisfy, when procuring life and happiness for one person seems to require denying them to someone else. In such circumstances, there is a great temptation to simply declare certain human beings non-persons, so that we don’t have to act for their welfare.

But there is another way out of this predicament. Rather than acting in the darkness of ignorance so that we don’t have to see the awful things we’re doing, we can turn on the light of truth so that we may see what must be done. For, although the answer to a given moral dilemma is not always immediately clear, it will always reveal itself if we educate ourselves about the human persons involved in these situations and the rights that are due to them.

This is the mission of our journal—to give our readers the facts and principles that they need to make the right choices in the difficult moral decisions facing them today. Ultimately, however, all we can provide is the knowledge needed for acting morally.

In the end, the choice is yours.

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