The State’s Involvement in Marriage

On Procreation and Same-Sex Marriage By William C. Mattison III, Ph.D. Having taught marriage and sexuality to undergraduates for over ten years at four different Catholic universities, there are two things I have learned about college students’ perception of the current debate over legally-recognized same-sex marriage. First, students most often see this issue as one […]

The Relationship between Economy and Sexuality

Interview with Chad C. Pecknold, Ph.D. Interview Transcribed by Katelyn Rogers (Crosier Staff) How does the free market economy shape our thinking about sexuality? If you tried to locate the place of market-exchange in ancient Athens, you could locate a very specific point on the city map. But look at any modern city and try […]

On Contraceptives

An Interview with Fr. James Brent O.P., Ph.D. Interview conducted by Mallory Nygard and Andrew Miller (Crosier Staff) It is common knowledge that the Catholic Church does not condone the use of contraception in marriage. Perhaps we should begin with a definition. What is the definition of contraception?  Contraception, as the Church understands it, is a […]

Aristotle on the Family

Philosophy in the Catholic Church By Jeffery Dirk Wilson, Ph.D Why should a Catholic be interested in what Aristotle has to say about the family? Church teachings are clear, after all. Who needs a pagan Greek philosopher in such a case? To answer that question, we need to consider the circumstance of the committed Catholic in […]

Sex and the City of God

Exploring the Connection between Sex and Life Issues By John S. Grabowski, Ph.D. According to recent reports and columns in the New York Times, in his September interview, Pope Francis decried the Church’s recent “obsession” with issues such as homosexuality, abortion, and birth control, and “brushed aside the contraception wars” (New York Times [New York], […]

(Vo. 2, Iss 2) Marriage and Family

The Joy of Marriage

Joseph Jablonski The Catholic University of America Class of 2015; Philosophy Tabitha Garnica SUNY New Paltz Class of 2015; Adolescent Education, English How do Catholics have hope in these desperate times for marriage, especially when aspects of sin that were condemned only a few decades ago, such as premarital sex and cohabitation, are now the […]


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